Eco-Friendly Bamboo Lipgloss Wand – 25 Pack


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We use too much single use plastic!

That’s a fact.

Have you ever considered that you, as a lash artist might be contributing to this global problem? Well, you are!

Think about it. We use plastic, disposable mascara wands for one client at a time. The mascara wand is then thrown away and will sit in landfill for hundreds of years. Some plastics never biodegrade.

This is not good enough! We need to do our bit and stop contributing to the problem!

Here at Eyelash Queen, we have researched and designed and researched some more to find and manufacture bamboo disposable items for use in the eyelash industry.

The most important quality of bamboo is that it is environmentally friendly quality. It is renewable and bamboo forests can be grown in a few years. Its naturally waxy surface does not require painting; making it safe from health hazards caused by paints (they contain toxic substances). Bamboo can be smoked in its own resin making its surface impenetrable to insects thereby protecting it from insect infestation. Pesticides and other chemicals need not be used while cultivating bamboo making it more eco friendly.

Pollution is also reduced with bamboo cultivation as the plants reduce upto 35% carbon di oxide in the atmosphere and produce more oxygen.

The roots in bamboo help control soil erosion as it creates a water barrier. Developing countries use bamboo to protect their crops and villages from washing away. Bamboo consumes high quantities of nitrogen and this can help reduce water pollution. Hence, it is good to grow bamboo alongside industrial areas where it converts waste water into nutrients for its own growth. Bamboo is also known to desalinate sea water.

As Sir David Attenborough so rightly said: “Cherish the natural world, because you’re a part of it and you depend on it”

Our bamboo lip gloss wands are sold in packs of 25.


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