Sarah Humphreyson

Sarah Humphreyson

Director of Eyelash Queen, Plymouth

Sarah is the founder of Eyelash Queen!

Starting off as Beauty Therapist in 2006, Sarah went on to complete her Classic Training in 2007. Working in various different salons and customer service based roles – eyelash extensions soon proved to be so popular that she was soon boasting a bursting appointment book!

Eyelash Queen was born in 2014 in a small room in a dentist. Thinking it would be something small to support herself and young son, Sarah had no idea the company would grow so rapidly – but due to her forward thinking and tremendous drive the company endied up expanding to a larger premises in 2016 with an attached training academy. Late in 2018, Eyelash Queen was split into Eyelash Queen Lash & Beauty Lounge and Eyelash Queen Academy. Both companies continue to grow at a rapid pace! Sarah started writing for Lash Inc as a senior journalist in early 2018 and has expanded the Academy product line rapidly, recently changing the packaging of the lash trays to a more eco-friendly alternative. 

Claire Cawse

Claire Cawse

Educator, Plymouth

Claire is the manager of the Lash Lounge and educator based in Plymouth!

Claire was a long-standing client of Sarah’s and developed a love for lashes. With 20 years in sales experience, she is super confident and bubbly – she is the ying to Sarah’s yang! When Sarah was expanding the company to a larger premises Claire joked that she could come and be a Saturday girl. Little did she know that 3 years on she has a client list that is bursting at the seams and has recently enhanced her portfolio with teaching. Claire loves all things lashes and skin and is passionate about passing her knowledge and experience on to her students. 

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