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Welcome to Eyelash Queen Academy

Our mission is to deliver the absolute best training and phenomenal products to the eyelash industry. 

Eyelash Queen was originally the brainchild of Sarah, Director of the company in 2014. Starting off in a tiny room above a dentist, the company quickly grew and moved to a larger premises and now employs 8 staff members.

Recently, the company has grown so large that it has had to be split!

This site is for professionals only, so if you are looking for a beauty treatment at our flagship Plymouth lounge then head over to Eyelash Queen Plymouth.

Thankyou for visiting us, and we hope you love our products and training as much as we do, you absolute Queen!




At Eyelash Queen Academy, we believe in freedom!

Financial freedom

Creative freedom

Freedom to be yourself

Freedom of choice

Freedom to work your way, by your rules

One by one, we inspire Queens!

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Hey Queen!

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